Wednesday, February 15, 2012 SCAM   SCAM

We’ve all heard the expression read the fine print.  What do you do when there isn’t any print to read?

The Pimsleur Approach is a scam!  Do not get suckered by these scam artists!  

I ordered a $9.95 CD online to learn basic Spanish.   That is all I thought I was ordering because that is all that was advertised online.  When I received my CD and reviewed my receipt and the order details description states I ordered (1) Quick & Simple – Spanish – CDs Custom Packaging for $9.95.  That is all my receipt states and that is all I agreed to purchase. 

Upon checking my credit card statement, I found I was charged the $9.95 as agreed and an additional $64.  I called Pimsleur Approach to find out what was going on and correct the charges.  Apparently I failed to find additional paperwork included in the packaging that states, “You also enrolled in my new Pimsleur Approach Rapid Fluency Program”.  I NEVER agreed to enroll in ANY kind of program.  This program charges $64 a month to your credit card for four months and apparently they send additional CDs to go with your “program”.  I told the customer service representative that I did not sign up for any “program” and I would like a refund of the $64.  It’s at that point she told me about the paperwork I missed.  She would not refund the $64 in charges.  She would only remove me from the program and future billings.

I know it’s my fault for not going through all the additional paperwork in the packaging.  If there was any kind of agreement, you would think it would be stated on your receipt since that is the ONLY transaction I agreed to. So I post this in fair warning to anyone reading this out there.  The Pimsluer Approach is apparently an approach from behind so grab your ankles.  Now where’s that CD so I can write this in Spanish.

Unhappy Customer # 799031

Greg Garcia

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